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Boiler Room Design

Every boiler room design begins with the identification of the client's objectives, operational needs and budget. Hiring an independent boiler room design firm avoids the potential for misleading information that a design/install company may provide. An independent boiler room design firm has no particular loyalty to any brand or system; only loyalty to design integrity that best serves the client.

Whether it is a new facility, or a facility upgrade project, the ultimate success of the project is determined by the knowledge and experience of the design engineers. The design engineers must have a complete understanding of the total project requirements, consider site specific conditions, and then move to the details of boiler room design which may include:

  • Total heating demand
  • Fuel types available and costs
  • Energy consumption and GHG emission standards
  • Room size and any existing or future access issues
  • Venting and combustion air requirements
  • Tank sizing and configurations
  • System piping and controls
  • Total life cycle costing
  • Facility safety issues

Additional considerations may be given to the ability to quickly obtain replacement parts for any equipment, the balance of cost-to-quality, and support services such as developing bid specifications, bid reviews and project management. Ideally the design team can assist the owner, or owner's agents, throughout the project to insure that the project is completed as designed without equipment substitutions or field design revisions that could diminish the integrity of the boiler room design.

Boiler Room Design

Gunter and Associates, Inc. is a full service boiler consulting firm which has extensive experience in boiler room design, product sourcing, project management and helping clients satisfy regulatory standards for boiler projects. We encourage you to call us today or contact us through our online contact form.

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As an independent boiler engineering firm we can provide unbiased recommendations on equipment brands and models. Our job is to protect the interests of our client, not any particular supplier.

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