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Energy Efficiency Laws

The links below will allow you to see a very small part of the forceful role that the federal government plays in the evaluation of commercial and industrial boiler systems.

As you will see, there is a lot of information to know, it is very confusing and a mistake in your planning could become very expensive. Our consulting services can guide you through this bureaucratic maze.

EPA Emissions Report

Energy Star Boiler List

DOE Buyers Guide

FEMP Designated Product Guide

DOE Efficiency Abstract

Energy Efficiency Audits & Analysis

The objective of a commercial or industrial energy audit is to identify and evaluate the energy consumption of the client's facility and develop a formal plan to increase boiler efficiency thereby lowering utility costs and optimizing energy consumption.

Implementation costs versus potential savings for improving boiler efficiency, effectively the ROI, are the top considerations for any business to considering an energy action plan to optimize energy consumption. Other considerations are being able to prepare a business for laws to curb emissions and green house gases (GHG), and take proactive measures to protect increases in operational expenses from certain price increases of all fuels.

While the need to take proactive measures regarding carbon emission and GHG legislation is arguable, there is no valid argument for not increasing energy efficiency and capturing all available cost reductions and savings. Cost reductions and savings are possible from lower energy bills, GHG related tax credits, and increased operational efficiencies derived from equipment upgrades.

We invite you to call for a free phone consultation to learn more about the reasons for, and advantages from, completing a professional efficiency audit and analysis of your boiler system. Please call or send us a message from our online contact form.

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