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The engineers at Gunter and Associates utilize numerous engineering design tools to create boiler plants that provide high efficiency and consistent operational reliability. From conceptual planning to specification writing and project management, the design team applies careful consideration to develop the best approach to control costs, meet project echedules and deliver the performance requirements that our customers need.

Our expertise in product sourcing, technical evaluations and specifications development are key parts of our boiler engineering design services. Our relationships with top boiler manufactuers enables us to stay abreast of design trends and often be able to include features into project designs that less informed boiler engineering companies would overlook. This is especially valuable with today's demand to provide boiler engineering services that leverage the most current energy efficient technologies.

Gunter and Associates employs a comprehensive approach to measure and evaluate boiler efficiency. Boiler efficiency is typically measured by either fuel-to-fluid efficiency or thermal efficiency depending the context. Evaluations of boiler efficiency consider:

  • Combustion Efficiency; the ability of boiler burners to burn fuel measured by unburned fuel and excess air in the exhaust.
  • Fuel-to-Fluid Efficiency the overall efficiency of the boiler, inclusive thermal efficiency of the heat exchanger, radiation and convection losses, output divided by input.
  • Thermal Efficiency the ability of the heat exchangers to transfer heat from the combustion process to the boiler's steam or water, discounting thermal radiation and convection losses.

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